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A workshop on 'Careers in Science' was co-organised by IndiaBioscience and Division of Biological Science - IISc on 8th September 2017.

Swati Subodh, Cofounder, 1M1B Foundation, talks about aligning Integrating people, processes and platforms to help entrepreneurs cater to the healthcare needs of the rural population.Shyam Suryanarayanan, Founder and CEO, C:\Drive, talks about the skill gap that industry sees in people coming from academia and suggests ways of bridging this gap.Rajesh Nair, CEO, Basil Biosolutions talks about opportunities in sales and marketing.Fathima Benazir is the co-founder at Azooka Life Sciences. At the Careers in Science workshop, she spoke about conversations that triggered her entrepreneurial career, the food grade DNA dye her company makes and how she learnt to change failures into success.Smita Jain, Associate Director, IndiaBioscience talks about how a degree in science enables students for a career outside of academia.K. VijayRaghavan, Secretary, DBT urges students to throw away the word 'alternative' from the career options available to students of science .Umesh Varshney, Chairman, Division of Biological Sciences, IISc shares his views on choosing careers outside of academia.

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