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Hi Shreya,

Thanks for the initiative. I am wondering if you have a list of translators too. I would be interested in networking with them as well.



Hi Somdatta, that is very interesting - I don’t have a list of translators, but it would be great to build one. If you know any, please invite them to post here, and we can spread the word from there on.


@Shreya and @somdattak – a quick place to start would be to ask kalyanasc, polybiotique and kollegala on Twitter. Kalyan is a translator himself and used to work at ISRO. The latter two are engaged in scicomm and IIRC have worked with translators themselves.


Regarding @somdattak’s query about translators, I’m also aware that Gubbi Labs / Research Matters (where I used to work) do translations in Hindi, Kannada & Marathi, and they are starting soon in other languages too. Might be worth contacting them on Twitter.


Hello All,’

Navodita from IndiaBioscience here. I am interested in the Scientific Temper Day slotted to be observed between August 15th- August 20th at TIFR Mumbai (and at a few other regions). Could someone based in Mumbai or Pune cover the event and write for us?



Hi Shreya,
It’s wonderful to know of this platform. I am a scientist-entrepreneur-columnist the filed of Genomics and Infectious Diseases. I advice a healthcare magazine on content framework and development. In this context, we’re reaching out to writers who can write well on various topics related to healthcare and innovations on a set time line. The frequency of write-up may tentatively be 1 article in 1-2 months and might appeal to students and researchers looking to start a career in writing.

Thanks & Regards,
Dr Swati Subodh


Dear Swati,

Shreya forwarded me your message on the requirement for a freelance writer for a healthcare magazine. I write for IndiaBioScience, and have covered a few submissions around healthcare and innovations in the past.
In case the position is still available, please do let me know. You can reach me at urvashi.raheja@gmail.com or at 9599359729. My writing samples are available at at www.indiabioscience.org/authors/Urvashi



Hello Swati,
I am a freelance science writer and I am interested in the said opportunity. Although I haven’t written specifically about health care, I am a biologist by training and would love to take this opportunity to write about innovations in healthcare. You can find a sample of my work here. You can get in touch with me at pratikmpawar@gmail.com. Thank you.



Thanks for replying. I will send you details on your email tomorrow. We can then schedule a call to talk further on this.



Hi Urvashi,

Thanks for sharing your previous articles. Will call you tomorrow to discuss further.



Hi Dr.Swati. I am an ecologist and writer at IISc. I just came across this post and would love to throw my hat in the ring for the opening you mentioned here. Please let me know if the opportunity is still available. I am at u.sarraju@gmail.com.


Hi, Thanks for responding to the email. For the immediate requirement I have completed the article allocation; however I can let you know when the opportunity opens up again for the next issue. Please share your previous work in the meantime along with your contact number on swatisubodh@yahoo.com


Hello everyone,

I am looking for writers who have background in cancer research and preferably hold PhD in area of cancer research. It is a great opportunity to work with one of our eminent clients and will be a learning experience. Please send your resume and writing samples with expected remuneration on per word basis at biologywonders@gmail.com