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This is a discussion board for educators to share pedagogy-related resources and experiences with their peers. Teachers can also use this space to ask questions pertaining to teaching practices. Start a new discussion, or comment on any of the articles in this category.

Science Communication

This is a space for science writers, illustrators, videographers and communicators to come together and share their experience, expertise and resources on communicating science to the public. If you have questions or advice about being a science communicator in India, feel free to post it here.


Comments on articles and posts on the IndiaBioscience website are located in this category.

Science Policy

This discussion forum is created for those of us that are interested in science policy in India. This portal is meant to identify the policy needs, discuss, share information, resource and seek collaborations for initiatives that advocate for good policy making practices.

PhD Cafe

This forum is for PhD students and is aimed at discussing different aspects of the PhD journey. If you are an Indian (or Indian-origin) graduate student or research scholar, feel free to post your ideas, opinions and suggestions. Also check out articles in our column series of the same name here.

Careers in Science

Opportunities outside academia are growing across India, and discussions here can encompass industry, communication, administration and much more. Rather than use words like alternative, non-traditional or lateral we simply call these careers in science.

Postdoctoral Fellows

A group for postdocs from anywhere in the world to discuss science careers in India. Also for those who have questions or comments specific to this community.

Young Investigators

A space for Young Investigators (PIs less than 10 years into their jobs) to connect with each other about academic careers in India. Also for anyone else to post comments of relevance to this community.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

International Grants & Fellowships

As research is becoming increasingly global so is the funding. This is a forum to discuss international funding opportunities (fellowships & grants) open to India researchers in the life sciences.