Change the State of Indian SciComm



This is an open call to promote initiatives that make the Indian SciComm community more inclusive, by recognising and supporting its current diversity of agents and efforts

This call was initiated by @indscicomm, and was drafted and edited by #Shruti (@polybiotique), @SiddharthKankaria (@SiddhrthKnkaria), Ipsa (@imlipsa), @somdattak (@SomdattaKarak), and @suratsaravanan (@PSurat22).

Please consider signing our petition to change the state of Indian SciComm here.

A corresponding letter can also be found on the @indscicomm website.

A Twitter thread by @indscicomm launching this petition can accessed here, while another one by @SiddharthKankaria outlining the motivations behind writing this letter can be found here.

We would be very grateful if you could read and support our petition!

Many thanks,
Shruti, Siddharth, Lipsa, Somdatta, Surat


Hello @SiddharthKankaria ,
I just went through your petition and signed it too.
I think it is a wonderful initiative that could change the way we address SciComm in our country. Your claims have been to the point yet detailed.
I was not aware until you pointed out that there is no consolidated platform people involved in SciComm in our country. Hope your petition has succeeded and I hope to follow it’s corresponding threads.


Thank you for your feedback, @yaminiravicha. There was a national meeting that followed soon after our petition (although we can’t claim it was a direct result of our petition). You can check out some of the updates and discussion themes from the meeting here:



This is great, I will definitely have a look.
Keep us posted regarding such discussions in the future.