Design and Evaluation of Innovation Policy Workshop

Sharing here some key learnings from the design and evaluation of innovation policy workshop, IISc, March 25 - 29th, 2019

Key learnings from Day 1:
Prof. Keith Smith: In the systems approach to innovation, it will not work to imitate any pre-existing systems models. Diverse ecosystems like India, call for dynamic systems approaches, that exploit what is unique to the ecosystem.
Prof. Subbiah Arunachalam: Citation indices capture a variety of information - authors, collaboration, funding, awards, keywords. One needs to know the value of the metrics and tools and where to use them appropriately
Mr. Madhan - In bibliometrics analyses one needs to understand the strengths and shortcomings of the different databases. It is important to ask the right questions and use a combination of tools to arrive at a solution set.
Mr. Chandan: Use of open-source software for processing and visualising primary citation data. Examples: R and Gephi