Grades vs learning -- tipping the scales for students


I came across this article, seems very interesting- about how teachers can encourage students to focus on their learning and step away from their obsession with grades…

My favourite part in this article was the bit about “evolving assignments”.
Do share your views on this article. Have you tried any of the strategies - either mentioned in this article, or otherwise- do get students to focus on their learning?


Thanks for sharing. Assessment methods could use work! Here are some learning activity types
Guided-discovery learning

Structured-inquiry learning

Interactive Lecture

Lecture Demonstration

Student Teaching


Project-based learning

Self and Peer Assessment

Student Presentation




Creative Expression


Discussion Groups

Teacher Directed
Socratic Dialogue

Game-mediated learning

Puzzle-based learning

Fun activity

Social Research


Traditional Science Experiment

Media-focussed Learning

Historical focussed activity

Assessment Technique

Informal/Field Trip Related

Case Study

Direct Instruction

Drill and Practice

Simulation focussed

Fine Art focussed

Observation based

Reflective practice (blogs, journals)