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Dr. Mohammad Aslam and Dr. Onkar Nath Tiwari join us in the fourth instalment of the interactive webinar series from the Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India. In this webinar, the speakers elaborate on the DBT’s competitive grant system.


Address by Dr. Aslam

0:00 Programmes supported by DBT

1:25 Research & Development Programmes of DBT

3:09 New Competitive Grants System

6:39 Scientific & Technical Appraisal & Advisory Groups (STAG)

7:33 Technical Expert Committees (TEC) — 1

8:43 Technical Expert Committees (TEC) — 2

9:41 Terms of Reference for TECs

10:49 Terms of Reference for STAGs

12:11 Terms of Reference for Biotechnology Apex Board

13:09 International Cooperation

14:13 Programme for R & D in North East Region (NER)

Audience Poll

17:59 Have you used the eProMIS portal?

Address by Dr. Tiwari

20:00 eProMIS Web Enabled Project Management Information System (https://​dbtepromis​.nic​.in)

20:30 Introduction to eProMIS

23:03 How to access eProMIS?

23:36PI Module

Questions & Answers

33:20 Can I PI submit more than 1 project at a time through the system?

33:37 Can someone change their area of specialisation after registering with eProMIS?

33:54 Are visiting professors / emeritus professors eligible to submit proposals?

34:33 How much time taken by the TEC and STAG committees to decide on a new project?

35:01 If a proposal is not funded does the PI get reviewer’s comments to improve on the proposal?

35:37 How much preliminary data is generally required for submitting a proposal?

36:20 Are medical projects are eligible for funding through this system?

36:56 Whether professors in colleges or private institutions are eligible to apply?

38:02 Is there a limit on the amount of funding that can be asked for in a proposal?

38:54 Are there any age criteria for those proposing?

39:30 Are there industrial / entrepreneurial schemes as a part of this proposal system?

40:35 Could we add a co-PI and then add a budget later?

41:00 Is there a provision for uploading videos and images to upload to eProMIS system?

41:33 Can we apply for ATGC grant anytime during the year?

42:03 Can scientists from NER participate in brainstorming sessions or stakeholders’ meet? If yes, then how?

43:45 In NGO’s apply in relevant field?

44:04 Is it necessary to send hardcopies of the proposal as well?

44:50 Can a DST-INSPIRE faculty apply for apply for a DBT research grant?

45:15 Are international faculty allowed to be co-PIs for these projects?

45:54 If the PI transfers to a new institute, then can the grant transfer to the new institute?

47:00 Can you apply round the year for international grants?

48:34 Can PI and co-PI be from different institutes?

48:50 Can SRFs, JRFs, Research Associates, postdocs be co-PIs?

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