IndiaBiostreams: Professionalism, Role Models/Mentors, and Careers in Facility Management - IndiaBioscience

For our fifth session, we discussed the importance of professionalism and work ethics for effective career development. We also spoke about the importance of good role models and mentors in facilitating one’s career journey.

The scientific ecosystem in India is ever-expanding, and more opportunities than ever are present today for those who wish to build their careers in science. This new series of webinars by IndiaBioscience will discuss several such career paths as well as provide the requisite knowledge, tools and techniques for science graduates to navigate and craft their career paths.

We were joined by Mohammad Atif Alam, Senior Business Development & Project Manager, C‑CAMP and Nirpendra Singh, Consultant, Regional Center for Biotechnology, Faridabad, who discussed their individual career paths in the field of scientific facility management.

This session is suitable for students who are currently pursuing or have recently completed a BSc, MSc, or a PhD in any life science field, as well as postdoctoral fellows and research scholars.

Content Annotation with Timestamps

1:57 What is IndiaBioscience? 4:42 Introduction 8:1 Audience Poll 11:16 Professionalism 16:59 Role models and mentors 26:01 Audience Poll 28:38 Q & A 33:30 Presentation by Nirpendra Singh 47:13 Presentation by Mohammad Atif Alam 1:02:10 Q & A 1:37:00 Career Resource

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