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This second session on Crafting your Career is about various ways to gather accurate, insightful and relevant information about career options and approaches to bridge skill gaps for one’s chosen career. We were joined by Praveen Gupta, Premas Life Sciences, and Shashwati Basak, Immuneel Therapeutics Ltd, who discuss their individual career journeys in the Indian biotechnology sector.

⌛ CONTENTANNOTATIONSWITHTIMESTAMP 00:00 Introduction 00:58IBS Team 01:30 Disclaimer 01:52 Researching Career Options (Smita Jain) 13:18 Building Skills (Shreya Ghosh) 20:34 Q & A 26:26 Career Journey in the Industry (Shashwati Basak) 40:46 Career Journey in the Industry (Praveen Gupta) 1:14:57 Q & A

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