Inviting pitches: IndiaBioscience


Indiabioscience is currently accepting pitches for news and column articles to be published on our website in the next few months.

As you know, our mandate is to cover new research in biology from all over India, as well as share insights that may help researchers, educators and other professionals working in association with scientific fields in India. Currently, we are looking for pitches in the following areas:

  1. News : These are 500-600 word stories based on recent publications coming out of Indian labs. The study should be fairly recent (published within the last couple of weeks or so).
  2. Columns : These are long-form feature stories (about 800 - 1000 words), usually focusing on a topic that is of relevance to the scientific community in India. We often publish columns as a series of articles based around a common theme. A couple of upcoming series are
    (a) Post-doc culture in India
    (b) Mental health and academia.
    If you have any ideas related to these topics (or even something completely different), please feel free to send a pitch.
  3. PhD Cafe: This is a special column series focusing on different aspects of being a PhD student in India. If you are a current (or recently graduated) PhD student and would like to share your experience, please feel free to send us a pitch.

If anything interesting catches your eye, please send a short pitch (consisting of a link and a few short lines of description) to Please include the word ‘Pitch’ in the subject line, so that there is no risk the email being missed .

Feel free to forward this to any other freelance writers you know who may be interested in writing for us.