Looking for translators - Tamil and Hindi - COVID 19


Hi everyone!

We are looking for a volunteer to help translate a short survey about COVID-19 into Tamil and/or Hindi. It shouldn’t take a lot of time. Please comment on this thread (or write to smita [at] indiabioscience [dot] org) if you would like to help.



I can help translate it in Hindi! My email is pratikkumar15[at]gmail[dot]com


Thank you Pratik. We had already found a volunteer for the above project, but there will very likely be need for others in the weeks or months to come. We have added you to our list of potential translators.


Hi Shreya,
I am confident translating text from English to Tamil.
Hope it is not too late for the task.
My email: yaminiyogalakshmi.nit@gmail.com