Meet your Mentors

Mentors, please introduce yourself here.

Hello all, my name is Vasudevan Mukunth (you can call me Mukunth). I’m the science editor at The Wire, and write about physics, spaceflight, scientific publishing and science journalism. I’m not sure what being a mentor entails – perhaps @Shreya can elucidate – but I’m happy to engage in all discussions with those who ask for it in this forum. :slight_smile:


Thanks @mukunth - it is great to have you here. To attempt at answering your question, being a mentor simply means engaging in discussions, sharing your experiences, and from time to time, answering queries from newbie writers. Not much different from being a regular member of the group, except that it allows new writers to easily identify and seek out more experienced journalists if they need any specific help.

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Hi everyone, this is Shanti Kalipatnapu. I’m a science editor and writer with a research background. I head the research communications unit at IISER Pune as part of which I handle research news from the institute as well as several other types of content produced by the institute. Happy to be part of this community and share and exchange notes.


Hi all, this is Meenakshi Prabhune a.k.a Minu (Twitter: @minu_pr). I am a researcher-turned-science journalist based in the U.S. Happy to help anyone transitioning from the lab into science writing/journalism.


Hi @Meenakshi Prabhune, this is Jacinth Rajendra pursuing Ph.D in Lifesciences. I have recently submitted my thesis and waiting for my final defense. I am exploring different career prospects and science writing/journalism is one of them. Can you help me with that? Thanks.

Hi Jacinth, you can explore these forums for more ideas about pursuing a career in science journalism. You can also create new topics to ask questions, which will increase the chance of other members responding. Drop me a message if you need more details!