Model Building as a Pedagogy Approach in Biology

Kundan Sengupta from IISER Pune writes about how model building can be a useful approach in teaching concepts in introductory biology courses.

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I am very glad that your institution has recognized the merit and importance of “physical Model building”. As a person who started the career as a research student with painstaking model building to understand the structure of even simple molecules (remember that there were no glittering colourful model display tools available then), I can certainly vouch for the usefulness for budding scientists. I shall finish my comment with an analogy : There is a lot of difference between seeing the full moon in the sky on a clear day vis a vis seeing the same on the computer screen. Hope this percolates to other institutions too. In fact, the concept of torsion angles can be understood with a box of match sticks. C. Ramakrishnan