National Education Policy (NEP) 2020


The NEP 2020 promotes multidisciplinarity in UG education and offers multiple options to existing institutions. Since each HEI is an autonomous institution, it enjoys the freedom in choosing its own trajectory or future path. Each HEI must work out its own strategic plan of action, which is the Institutional Development Plan. Your institution can initially enter into academic arrangements with other neighbouring HEIs to be a part of an academic cluster until it can open new departments in other disciplines to become multidisciplinary. It is also not feasible that all disciplinary areas can be offered by each and every HEI. Some technical institutions are part of a larger umbrella group of institutions which offer programmes of study in other areas /domains/disciplines. The Governing bodies will have to examine such merger internally so as to achieve offering multidisciplinary undergraduate education. The decision is solely within the ambit of each HEI and not dictated or decided by external authorities.


To answer both the related questions on faculty ,here it goes:

  1. As part of the NEP recommendations , modifications to align to NEP in the existing regulations for appointment and career advancement of college and university teachers are being worked out wherein weightages for the mentoring etc will e given due weightage. Current regulations already factor weightage for preparation of online modules.
  2. There are several ongoing refresher and induction training programmes by UGC, AICTE and through PMMMNMTT centres in various areas or domains of capacity building. Under PMMMNMTT , ARPIT available on SWAYAM platform offers online modules and you can contact any of the course coordinators to delve into the methods pf preparing online modules.


Many institutions are engaging professionals in the area of socio-emotional counselling. However as faculty , the training programme do train in this area and such skills can be easily assimilated. With the evolving roles of faculty as enablers and facilitators, it is important that we acquire these new skills in our learning curve to become effective both within and outside the teaching learning environment.


wow i did not know education policies can look at teaching encompassing these new facets too- esp those that are for folks trained in social and emotional learning training