National Education Policy (NEP) 2020


Educators, what do you think of the National Education Policy 2020? What problems concerning higher education does it address? What are the challenges that still remain?


Recent years the higher education seen as job earner for most of the youth and very few opt higher education for research to find out solutions for the challenging problems. By introduction of NEP2020, the GAP and modalities of schooling education and higher education is seems to have bridged upto an extends.The new format in higher education allows students to switch from one course of interest to another without any problem. The focus on multidisciplinary courses specially if MERU get established as per NEP2020, will allow students to look around the new offbeat courses. The multiple entry/exit will save students time and interest in education. The new course structure will be seeing good in NEP2020 but it will be tested throughly once policy en-route into educational institutions.
The major challenge we are facing today about the quality of professional courses throughout the country and the employment generation. It will too early to say that the new policy will provide the market oriented opportunities to the youth.