Opportunity for writers: The Journal of the Indian Institute of Science


The Journal of the Indian Institute of Science (est. 1914) is a multi-disciplinary reviews journal co-published by IISc and Springer Nature (https://www.springer.com/journal/41745/). It publishes invited review articles of a specific theme in each of its quarterly issues guest-edited by an expert in that theme. The themes are chosen from contemporary research topics in all engineering and science disciplines. The Journal of IISc is currently looking for science writers who can write a “lead article” of about 2000 words for each issue. The lead article should give general background to the theme in a popular article style to appeal to researchers and post-graduate students who are not experts in the chosen theme. Recent and future themes include phenotypic plasticity, digital health, cytoskeletal mechanics, molecular ecology, complex systems, and land fills. The science writer should be open to interface with the guest editor and the Journal office for iterations on the content of the article, and should uphold high publishing standards. Honorarium per article is INR 25,000. Interested persons may contact <journal@iisc.ac.in> by email by enclosing a curriculum vitae.