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Listen to the Panel Discussion ​‘Navigating the Academic Job Market: How, What, and When?’ of day 3 of the PDF Meeting 2021.

PDF Meeting 2021 was a 4‑day virtual meeting, which aimed to provide an opportunity for a larger cohort of participants to experience all the flavors and components that a traditional meeting offers. Here, eminent researchers and administrators invited as speakers shared their experiences in building a career in scientific research. They talked about the recruitment process, criteria, and preparation for applying to faculty positions in India.

PDF Meeting 2021 | Day 3; Panel Discussion-Navigating the Academic Job Market: How, What, and When?

Panellists -

BJ Rao (IISER Tirupati), Rashna Bhandari (CDFD), LS Shashidhara (Ashoka University)

Moderator — Imroze Khan (Ashoka University)


00:00 — Welcome by Vasudharani Devanathan

00:30 — Introduction by Imroze Khan

02:58 — How to decide the right career stage for drafting applications

12:24 — How to initiate conversations with the potential recruiters

20:13 — How to strike a balance between developing research and teaching philosophy before applying

29:15 — Importance of a long-term career vision while talking to a recruiter

35:06 — Q&A

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