SciCommSci Club - Engaging with the Science of Science Communication



Wishing you all a very Happy New Year 2020!

I’m very pleased to share with you all about the SciCommSci Club that I run at NCBS.

The SciCommSci Club is meant to be a space for networking, dialogue, & discussions that are centred around the ‘Science of Science Communication’ (or #SciCommSci).

The SciCommSci Club brings together science communication enthusiasts from different backgrounds, to discuss research papers, forms of practice, and case studies in topics like science communication, public engagement, science pedagogy, science-art, science policy, evaluation methods, ethics of science communication, and many more.

Apart from facilitating online discourses and hosting monthly talks on featured SciCommSci topics, the club also serves as a networking & discussion forum that aims to bridge the gap between science communication practice and research - one discussion, one paper and one case study at a time.

If any of you would be interested in joining the Club, please register here.

More updates about the Club, as well as live tweets during the meetings can be accessed via our Twitter page here. Please use the hashtag #SciCommSci for tagging us on any online forums.

We also have a Slack group for regular interactions, discussions and sharing of resources. You can join our Slack group here.

I will also post some updates about our sessions on this Conversation thread from time to time!

Please feel free to reach out to me for any further queries. Thank you so much!

Best wishes,


Are you a #sciart / #science #illustration enthusiast?

Want to know how #sciart can better inform #scientific research? Or improve your #scicomm practice?

Head over to our #SciCommSci Session on Saturday, 11th Jan at 3 pm, at Safeda, NCBS, as @ipsajain.31 talks about “Joining the Dots between #Science, #Scicomm & #Sciart”!

Ipsa will describe how science illustration and sciart, can help improve our science communication efforts; inform our comprehension of scientific concepts; catalyse conversations around science; as well as provide us with fresh perspectives in science!

A poster and further details of the talk are attached herewith.


Are you a #graduate #student or #scientist looking to improve your #science #communication #practice and better engage #audiences with your science?

Would you like your scientific talks, posters, presentations, graphical abstracts, articles, podcasts, videos, and engagement activities to be more effective and appealing?

Look no further! The latest initiative of the SciCommSci Club, called SciComm Unplugged, offers 30-minute personalised feedback sessions to help refine your scicomm endeavours!

This initiative is in collaboration with #MohitKumarJolly (Assistant Professor, BSSE, IISc), since we both felt that offering feedback on existing science communication efforts could be a great way to champion effective #scicomm practices, and also help scientists and students in the process.

Between the two us, we have worked at and facilitated several scicomm events like ComSciCon-Houston, Pint of Science, Edinburgh International Science Festival; spoken at SciComm conferences; worked as Communication Consultant and Science Content Editor; and produced scicomm outputs in many diverse formats!

So, if you have a scicomm endeavour that you would like our feedback on, please do register for the January session of SciComm Unplugged. There are 8 slots available between 4 to 6 pm on Saturday, Jan 18th at the Centre for Society and Policy, IISc Bangalore. We plan to have such sessions every month alternatively at IISc and NCBS, and will be posting more updates on our Twitter page.

Kindly book your slot for this month, by filling in this Doodle poll and Google form both.

You can find a poster for the SciComm Unplugged session attached below.

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Best wishes,


Stuck at home and thinking of finally launching that #scicomm side project?

Already engaged in full-fledged #COVID19 #scicomm?

Solidify your #scicomm strategy a bit further by registering for a #personalised #feedback session today!

Sat, 16th May | 6 to 8 pm | Video conferencing links to be emailed &

#SciCommUnplugged #SciCommSci


Hello Siddharth Sir, I’m looking forward to convey scientific writing through illustration and looking forward to learn more about scientific illustration course or related resources.