Science journalism/communication in Indian languages


India is a country of over a thousand dialects, and science communication cannot be limited to the English-speaking minority if we are to improve scientific temper as a whole in our society. Does anyone know of efforts/initiatives to popularize science and bring science news via the medium of Indian languages? I am listing a few that I have come across recently, would love to hear more stories.

The Jigyasa Project (Tamil/Kannada) (Bengali)
Dinamalar science news for students (Tamil)
eHindi portal by HBCSE (hindi)


Hi Shreya! We have our Sea of Science series where currently, our first episode is in Tamizh and on the use of model organisms in scientific research. Very soon we plan to add a new episode on mice in Tamizh and translations of the first episode in both Hindi and Marathi. Here is the link -


ResearchMatters also comes out in other languages


Thanks for the links! This is a really nice initiative.


Marathi Vidyaan Parishad (Mumbai and Pune Chapters) has been trying do science popularisation in marathi since 1967 through a monthly magazine, popular lectures, workshops, camps for children, slide shows, documentaries, competitions and other means of communication. Their monthly magazine “Marathi Vidyaan Parishad Parika” has good quality articles. The links for Mumbai and Pune Chapters are given below:-


Throughout the last one year I have been writing science history in Bengali, my mother language. The articles are about chronological history of cell biology and have been publishing in school edition of “Anandabazar Patrika”. Anandabazar is a well known Bengali daily in Eastern India.
Since the school edition still does not have any online version, I am sharing the published pages from my Facebook album.