The art of Questioning


During the RBPT Patna schedule, I was highly influenced by a presentation on “The correct type of Question”. Based on this, I slightly modified the question pattern of formative and then summative assessment in my subject of post graduation class. THE RESULTS WERE SIMPLY AMAZING!! Not only the tail-enders’ rank improved but there was a clear - cut demarcation in overall marks distribution. Besides, I also realized the topics I needed to put more focus on and the change required in the teaching style.


could you please elaborate on what is the “correct type of question”?


I am not sure if this is practiced in India, but there is something called ‘Mass Moderation’ of question papers done in other universities or higher educational institutes.
A group of 5-7 teachers who are from within or outside of teh topic will read the question paper and the question is tailored for a common understanding.
However this is a pain staking process.
yes, definitely this process helps to improve the overall quality of the questioning.



curious about this. Could you elaborate or give an exmaple? Would really appreciate.

Thanks for your time.


Did you mean elaborate on the art of good questioning.