What to tell students on their first day of college


Educators, what is the one thing you want to tell biology undergrad students on their first day of college?


I tell the students that how privileged they are to get a chance to learn about different forms of life which will not only increase their understanding about living beings but utilize the knowledge for advancements in different fields like therapeutics, biochemical engineering, biotechnology etc in future.


I would tell them to chase their curiosity and question everything which does not fit in to the realms of their understanding.


Well! I would emphasize the students for developing collaboration among their peers and build a strong network of learning. Not to worry about covering the syllabus, rather un-cover it…


Be flexible in your choices yet be yourself. Your ideas of what you like and what you don’t like will change. So, don’t fret over it too much and surprise yourself!


I would first ask them to realize which carreer path to chose - industry or research .Upon choosing industry,I suggest them to open accounts in Linkendin or Twitter and from day 1,research about job opportunities in graduation or post graduation level .Upon choosing research,I would suggest them to subscribe to newsletters from various publications and journals and start reading scientific articles ,papers and other press releases .