Young Investigators' Meeting Series

The program features talks, posters and panel discussions where participants have frank discussions on a wide variety of topics ranging from picking research problems, publishing, personnel management and mentorship. Senior scientists describe their own scientific journeys providing inspirational as well as amusing anecdotes about their experiences of starting their scientific careers. The bonhomie between the young Indian investigators and post-docs aspiring for jobs in India ensures that the post-docs get a first-hand account of finding jobs and setting up labs in India. The wisdom, experience and guidance of senior scientists will, no doubt, enable the new Indian investigators and future recruits to imbibe a new scientific culture and to work together to make Indian Biosciences internationally competitive and world-class.

Perhaps the greatest accomplishment of the meeting is allowing young Indian scientists, who represent the future of Indian biology, to meet each other, make friendships, start collaborations, and share ideas of developing their laboratories.

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