Introductions (Say hello)


Hello people,

I am Ipsa Jain. I am currently a post-doctoral fellow at Instem. I work on science visualization and science communication. My current focus is on understanding how visual content needs to adapted for the audience. I also freelance as an illustrator for scientists, and science-blogs.
I make science-inspired art, and products based on them (you know where you should buy your next gift from!). You can some of my work at

Looking forward to interacting with you.


Hello everyone! I’m Shanti Kalipatnapu. I took to science editing and writing after my PhD and a brief postdoc when I discovered a career option that combines my research experience and a long-term interest in editing. I currently head the Research Communications unit at IISER Pune where I handle a a wide range of reports and brochures along with the news blog that I developed to make institute research more accessible to the outside world.


Hi! I am Dhanashree Paranjpe. I am interested in connection between Science and Art as well as passionate about scientific outreach in local languages. After finishing my PhD from JNCASR in Bangalore, I did post-doc in behavioral ecology at UC Santa Cruz. Now I am back in India, doing research on human-wild life interactions and other interesting topics in behavioral ecology. I write popular science articles in Marathi, English as well as do many science outreach activities (lectures, workshops, slide shows, hands-on activities) for school children.
Would like to be part of this online community for exchange of ideas on better science communication and outreach.


Hello Dhanashree.
Navodita this side.
Nice to see you participate. An admirer of your writing.
All the best!


Hello, nice to meet all of you here. I am Leslee Lazar. I am a cognitive neuroscientist and a visual artist. I make art that is informed by my scientific ideas. Ialso use art to communicate stories about and on science. I mainly use digital collages, graphic design and linocut prints as my medium. I am a visiting faculty at IIT Gandhinagar, where I teach an unholy mix of cognitive science, neuroscience, aesthetics and design.

You can see my work at
I also run a FB page where I post stuff on breaking down walls between art and science -

I also write about science in popular press, recently I wrote for the wire - " A Powerful Idea: Poverty Affects Basic Cognitive Abilities"(sorry not able to link) and Of course, I have written for IndiaBioscience also.

Email me if you like to say hi :slight_smile:


Thanks Navodita! We meet here again!


Hello everyone! I am Pratik. I have completed my Master’s in Biotechnology recently and I’m currently working as a freelance science writer, with a focus on neuroscience. I’m also strongly interested in using an audio medium like podcasting for science communication and would love to interact with people sharing similar interest. I am @pratikmpawar on Twitter and also run a science blog under the domain scienceofeverything. Glad to be a part of this community!


Hello everyone who has posted before me. Thanks @Shreya for creating a thread for introductions. Quite important to begin connecting with fellow science communicators and know about their work.
I am a trained population geneticist with a PhD in Anthropology and a short post-doc at LaCONES, CCMB. I currently handle science communications and PR for the Translational Health Science and Technology Institute located at the NCR Biotech Science Cluster. Been only a year with scicomm, and looking forward to learn a lot through interactions on this forum.


I am Arghya Manna, a science journalist, comics artist and Ph.D. drop out. For the last two years, I had been writing columns on ‘History Of Cell Biology’ in Anandabazar Patrika (A well known Bengali daily from Eastern India) and The Telegraph. Alongside, I am a comics artist involved in creating comics related to “History Of Science”.
Currently, I am running a blog-“Drawing History Of Science” ( to tell the stories of Global History Of Science through my artworks, illustrations, and comics. This blog is supported by a Facebook page and an Instagram Account with the same name.


Amazing artwork and really informative articles on the blog! Keep it up


thank you @pratikmpawar. keep following and please do suggest for improvement


Hello! I am messaging on behalf of team iGEM IIT Madras. We are a team of undergraduates pursuing Biotechnology from IIT Madras and we take part in iGEM competition which is held in Boston. We realized that it is tough to communicate about synthetic biology to a person who doesn’t know English, and that’s how we started with The Language Project. We have now expanded to 25+ languages, Indian and Foreign. We have 50+ videos explaining basic concepts like DNA, RNA, proteins, etc. Check out our work here Language Project. Do reach out to us on
Thank you!


Hello compatriots!

I am M R Raghul, currently pursuing post graduation in Science and Technology Communication from CSIR- National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources, New Delhi.

Trained as an engineer in Electronics and Communication, I discovered my love to communicate Science when I accidentally participated in a Science Communication competition named FameLab by British Council. Later I joined the Science Express - Climate Action Special and traveled India in a mission to communicate Science and Climate actions.

I love to communicate Science through demonstrations, illustrative videos, and effective visuals. Right now in the process to build a platform called Scoop Out Science with few fellow Science Communicators from Science Express.

I would also like to showcase my photography works for you on Instagram(@mrr_lightartz) Feel free to get connected

Thank you


Hello all, my name is Siva Shakthi. I am a Ph.D. student in Optics at IISER Thiruvananthapuram.

I write for the ‘Science Last Fortnight’ column in Current Science. You can find my writings at

My recent sought after platform to communicate science is Twitter (@sivashakthia). At times, I curate science and scicomm based accounts over there.

I look forward to the discussions in this forum,



Hello everyone!

I am Lakshmi Supriya (Supriya to most everyone). I have a PhD in Polymer Science and Engineering. After about a decade of global industrial R&D experience, I have been writing science stories as a freelancer for about 2 years now. I write about a variety of topics ranging from the environment, climate change, physical sciences, a little biology, anything that interests me. Happy to meet you all here, and looking forward to many conversations.
More info about me:
Linkedin Profile


Hello all,

I am Spoorthy Raman, Managing Editor at Research Matters from Bangalore. I have been into science writing since the past three and a half years and it has been two years since I am at the helm of Research Matters. I am interested to write about anything science—although I am more comfortable with engineering and other applied sciences, thanks to my academic training. Apart from writing in English, I am passionate to write more in Kannada, a language I have grown up speaking. Looking forward to interacting with all of you here!

Here is my detailed bio -
Some of my writing can be found here -


Hey guys! Ritoban Mukherjee here. I am kind of new to the sci-comm industry. I write words on Medium and have just started freelancing for Popula. My specialties are both science and anthropology, although I write mostly about earth science or psychology. I am also a member of the National Association of Science Writers. If any of you is looking for a good science writer or have an interesting story tip to share, feel free to hit me up at


Hi I am Dr. STV Raghavama
Working as Associate Professor at Chalapathi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh.


Hello everyone! I am Preethi, currently a freelance science communicator and illustrator based in Bangalore. I did my PhD with Prof. Gaiti Hasan at NCBS, Bangalore. I will be defending my thesis in the coming month.

Over the past 4 months, I have written popular science stories for the NCBS Newspage, DBT India Alliance Newspage and a couple in science blogs (ClubSciWri and Science Trends). I also do illustrations. Links to a couple of my most recent articles with illustrations can be found below:

  1. Forward or Reverse: Shifting gears on the neuronal highway
  2. Claudin days in worm NMJs

Happy to connect through this forum. Do feel free to email me at to discuss or share any writing opportunities. Thanks Shreya and IndiaBioscience!

Preethi Ravi


Hello everyone!

I am Pushp, I am just starting out as a freelance science writer/communicator. My focus is mainly on the science of climate change and other environmental issues. I recently started a blog-type website called climate curiosity with the goal to raise awareness about the issue by communicating the fascinating science behind it.

I received my PhD in Chemistry from the University of California, San Diego, USA in 2018. I moved back to India after that, currently based in Delhi.

I look forward to getting to know/interact with/learn from all of you! Please feel free to email me at bajajpushp[at]gmail[dot]com to get in touch. Cheers!