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Please introduce yourself here - let your compatriots know who you are, where you are based, what you like to write about and just say hi :slight_smile: Do include a link to your work portfolio if you like.

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Hi we are team of two ( Disha & Saurabh) life science researchers fascinated by amalgamation of Art & Science, We believe that illustrations can simplify any complex scientific theory and hence our work revolves around scientific illustrations, infographics and data visualization. We are working on building our website but anyone can reach us currently at /


I am Somdatta, trained in life sciences, ex TFI fellow, now take care of public outreach at CCMB, Hyderabad. My core passion lies in connecting scientists and educators better - science communication and public outreach are my platforms to reach those.
You can know more about me and my works here.
Hoping to meet others pursuing similar goals.


Hi everyone, I’m Shreya and I handle science communications here at IndiaBioscience. I completed my PhD in neuroscience from TIFR, Mumbai and worked as a freelance science journalist and blogger for some time before joining IndiaBioscience. I enjoy bringing new and exciting scientific discoveries into public notice and provoking discussion on research practices and policy. You can see my works here, here and here.


Hello everyone! Sakshi here. I am currently a PhD student at Wildlife Institute of India (WII), Dehradun and science writer at I cover the latest research published in the field of ecology, biodiversity conservation, wildlife science and environmental science. I am also interested in covering the various aspects and issues in science communication in India and dabbling in sci-art (science illustration and infographics). You can see my work here. Please feel free to mail me at to discuss any idea or for collaboration or anything else. Excited to be a part of this network!


I am Chandrima. I recently completed my PhD from Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment. I have developed a knack over time for science and popular writing. I am also a consultant editor with SAEVUS. Other than doing research, I am also a full time mom. I love baking, making art from trash, reading and travelling. I write my experiences in my blog here.
Great to be a part of this vibrant network :slight_smile:


Hi all,
Urvashi here. I have a Ph.D in Neuroscience from NCBS, and I currently work as a Technical Manager at InStem where I work on autism. I like writing about education, health, latest research, neuroscience, science policy and everything in between. I also like learning about ‘big data’, purely from an analytical and decision making perspective.


Hi all,

My name is Divya. I currently work as a senior scientist at Strand Life Sciences, Bangalore, where I help develop diagnostic tests for cancer and genetic diseases.

I began writing news articles for IBS two years ago. With science writing, I have furthered my quest for learning. I love the fact that I get to research new topics and interact with scientists; it helps me see information in a new light. You can find out more about me here. Glad to be a part of this network!


Dear all
Sandhya Sekar here.
After a PhD from CES, IISc, I did a one year masters in science writing from the UK. I then freelanced, co-founded a startup for facilitating science communication between academia and the outside world (Research Matters) and am now the programme manager for Mongabay-India, the India bureau of the environment and conservation news website Mongabay.
Personal website | Mongabay-India.


Hello all, my name is Vasudevan Mukunth (you can call me Mukunth). I’m an engineer by training but I’ve learnt more from one-on-one conversations with physicists and of course Twitter. I write about physics, scientific publishing, spaceflight and science journalism itself. I’m currently the science editor at The Wire. Nice to meet you all here and look forward to the conversations!

My portfolio is here:


Hi. I am Surat. I completed my PhD in life sciences from TIFR, Mumbai in 2016. Since then, I have been working as a freelance science writer and editor. You can look at my articles at Looking forward to discussions in this forum!


Hi, Anusha Krishnan here! I’m a part-time freelance science writer, science editor with Cactus Communications, and a full-time mom. I have a PhD in ecology and evolution from the Indian Institute of Science, but have a strong background in most biology-related fields such as molecular biology, microbiology and biochemistry. You can read these pieces I have written for IBS, and one of my favourites about cellular signalling.


Hi everyone! I am Divya Raghuram, a researcher at National University of Singapore. I have completed my PhD in molecular and developmental biology. I am a freelance writer at, a Singapore based startup. Nice to meet you all in this platform and I look forward to the discussions!

My portfolio:


Hi everyone, Siddharth Kankaria here! I’m a science communicator and writer with a particular interest in exploring the interactions between science and society.

I completed my Bachelor’s in Biology from IISc Bangalore and my Master’s in Science Communication & Public Engagement from the University of Edinburgh, UK. I have also worked at Research Matters (Gubbi Labs) as a Content Editor for more than a year and will be soon joining the Simon’s Centre at NCBS as their Science Communication & Outreach Manager.

I’m happy that @Shreya has created this forum for discussing #scicomm in India. Eagerly looking forward to lots of engaging discussions with budding as well as experienced science communicators on this forum.

Some of my work can be found here.


Hello everyone! I am Ananya. I have been a science writer for Research Matters for a while now. I am also a recent graduate of mechanical engineering with a focus on robotics.
Some of my work can be found here/
While my background helps me write better stories from engineering, I let my curiosity lead me to explore new topics.
Writing is my forte only because it has been an easier skill to learn. Now, I also want to learn to visually express science stories!
I look forward to learning with everyone. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone! I’m Rohini Murugan, a first year PhD student in Centre for Neuroscience in Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru. I’m intrested in science communication with a particular focus on science through native languages. Glad to be part of the movement!


Greetings and Salutations! This is Shruti Muralidhar on behalf of IndSciComm - your friendly neighbourhood scicommers! I am one-third of a group of three, along with Navneet Vasistha and Abhishek Chari. We have been dabbling (and doing!) a whole bunch of scicomm since January 2017. Our core goal is to help any Indian or Indian-origin student/postdoc/scientist (or any other science allied profession!) do effective scicomm. We write (both long and short form), make doodles, make gifs AND even produce podcasts. (Both in english and other national languages!). Our website is and our twitter handle is @indscicomm. Come visit us and say hi!


Hello everyone!

I am Sreshtha Mondal. I have just started my PhD in science communication at NIAS (IISc campus). It’ll be my pleasure to interact (and learn) from all of you. Twitter- @sreshthamondal
Instagram - @avanti_meraki


Thanks to everyone who has posted so far - it’s great to meet you all. Don’t forget to share your experiences on any of the other threads on the forum that you like (or create completely new ones!). And invite your friends!