Introductions (Say hello)


Hello !
I am Manasvi and I’m a second year BSc student from Christ university, Bangalore, India.
I’m Majoring in Biotechnology , Botany and chemistry.
I intend to pursue a Master of Science Communication (Msc sciComm) and a career in scientific Journalism.
I have not published anything as such.
I do hope, I have the opportunity to so in the future !
P.s I am looking for opportunities , where I can intern or volunteer as a science communicator.
Do let me know, if you know any.


Hello Everyone!
I am Aditi. I have done my PhD from University of Delhi. I am currently a freelance Science writer. My work can be found here

Looking forward to some great discussions on this forum!


Hello everyone,
Glad to see so many Linkedin familiar faces here.
I am Manisha Roy, a biotechnology research scholar with Kidwai Cancer Institute in Bangalore, cervical cancer being the focus. Previously I was into the veterinary field, working on the molecular biology aspects of animal diseases. Altogether, I have seven plus years of experience in the area of scientific research.
I am just one deep-dive story old with Research Matters and looking forward to many more. Research and writing about it in leisure are two of my most favourite things.
Apart from this, I am an avid animal and environment lover and would like to see happiness return to mother nature one day.


Hi All,

I am Deepa Sundararajan. I did my PhD in Molecular Genetics from the University of Illinois at Chicago and spent a couple of years working in the Life Science industry as a domain expert, writer and project manager. I am currently working as a freelance science writer. I also dabble in art - doodling and freehand illustrations. Looking forward to discussions with everyone here about life as a scientific communicator and how best to take it forward.

Here is a link to my linkedin profile and to my instagram account (though it has non scientific posts too!)


Hello everyone,
I am Titash and a new freelance science communicator/editor/writer. Previously, I have contributed to neurodevelopment and neuroregeneration research using roundworms at National Brain Research Centre, Manesar (Gurgaon). I recently wrote my first article on this very platform “Make in India” biodegradable screws for fixing bone injuries
I aspire reaching-out the benefits of new discoveries in Life-Science throughout our country and the world via writing, making videos and illustrating graphics, to try creating a difference in human lives.
Looking forward to connect with all the communicators on this platform as well as other social platforms. My LinkedIn profile


I am Ashwini. At the moment I am doing my MSc in environmental science at TU Delft (graduating this September). I love to write about the environment, especially topics like climate change and its impacts on wildlife and ecosystems.
What I am most passionate about is writing science (with simple illustrations) in a way that makes it sound fun and interesting even to kids.
You can find some of my writing here.
Happy to be here :slight_smile: