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Hello, everyone I am Pallab Roygupta. I am a High school Physics teacher and a freelance science communicator. My area of interest is particle physics, cosmology, quantum information, and quantum computation also art integration in physics. I love to tell science stories, making prototypes, and hands-on experiments in physics I am very much interested in the particle physics outreach program for school students in our country. you can find my stories in my blog “Symphony of Physics”:
I am also a fellow teacher in Lifelab foundation for education and research :


Hello everyone.

I have already posted the following on another thread. If you have already read that, I hope you don’t get bugged by the repetition.

I am a structural biologist by training, and on a break from bench work. I completed my PhD from National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi in 2014. I then was a Humboldt Fellow in Germany for two years, and followed it up with a one-year stint in the UK. I have started exploring the option of science communication recently. Structural biology is a field that daunts many. I want to, through my scicomm, make it less daunting, easier to understand and wonderful to read about.
I also hope to put to paper some of my experiences as a researcher.

I am currently based in Leeds, UK. But thanks to the internet, I prefer to set my location as Global.

You can find my work at:

Hoping to bump into some of you along my journey to become a scicommer. And hopefully also collaborate with some of you.


Hello all! I’m Akanksha Srivastava, I have done M.Sc in Nutritional Sciences and UGC NET qualified. Previously worked in UNICEF funded project on Maternal Nutrition. It’s been 4 years working in the field of Nutrition as Nutritionist and research fellow and 2 years in the writing field. Im also a blogger at I’m also contributing writer on online platforms like Outlook, MedFit Network, Medium and others.


Hello all,

I am Sukanya, a postgraduate in Animal Behaviour, Evolutionary Biology and Neurobiology from Bielefeld University Germany. I currently teach biology to middle school students and a novice in science writing. I am hoping to gain some information and experience through this platform :slight_smile: