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Hello, everyone I am Pallab Roygupta. I am a High school Physics teacher and a freelance science communicator. My area of interest is particle physics, cosmology, quantum information, and quantum computation also art integration in physics. I love to tell science stories, making prototypes, and hands-on experiments in physics I am very much interested in the particle physics outreach program for school students in our country. you can find my stories in my blog “Symphony of Physics”:
I am also a fellow teacher in Lifelab foundation for education and research :

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Hello everyone.

I have already posted the following on another thread. If you have already read that, I hope you don’t get bugged by the repetition.

I am a structural biologist by training, and on a break from bench work. I completed my PhD from National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi in 2014. I then was a Humboldt Fellow in Germany for two years, and followed it up with a one-year stint in the UK. I have started exploring the option of science communication recently. Structural biology is a field that daunts many. I want to, through my scicomm, make it less daunting, easier to understand and wonderful to read about.
I also hope to put to paper some of my experiences as a researcher.

I am currently based in Leeds, UK. But thanks to the internet, I prefer to set my location as Global.

You can find my work at:

Hoping to bump into some of you along my journey to become a scicommer. And hopefully also collaborate with some of you.

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Hello all! I’m Akanksha Srivastava, I have done M.Sc in Nutritional Sciences and UGC NET qualified. Previously worked in UNICEF funded project on Maternal Nutrition. It’s been 4 years working in the field of Nutrition as Nutritionist and research fellow and 2 years in the writing field. Im also a blogger at I’m also contributing writer on online platforms like Outlook, MedFit Network, Medium and others.

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Hello all,

I am Sukanya, a postgraduate in Animal Behaviour, Evolutionary Biology and Neurobiology from Bielefeld University Germany. I currently teach biology to middle school students and a novice in science writing. I am hoping to gain some information and experience through this platform :slight_smile:


Hello everyone! I am Isha Parlikar based in Thane, a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology post-graduate from the University of Bremen, Germany. I worked in the ACTREC as a research intern and as a cell culture analyst in Hi-Media. Currently, I am contributing to private waste management consultancy as a project assistant. I am interested in contributing to science communication with illustrations, graphical summaries, comics, and science films. I would be happy to make collaborations and contribute to science communication projects.
Here is my portfolio link:

Hello all
I am Aparna Rane.I did my post grad in Medical Biotechnology and completed Industry program in pharma regulatory Affairs when i was working in a QA dept of a pharmaceutical company.
Now after a break taking up courses in medical writing,would like to have discussions by joining the forum.
Thank you for making me a member of the forum.

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Ananthapathmanabhan here, by the way, hello all.
A science communicator by profession from Kerala, I am interested in writing about the latest research in neuroscience.
Thank you for reading this
Feel free to click here for more details about me.
Wear a mask out in public.
Maintain physical distancing.
This too shall pass.

I am Rupsy, a researcher at the Centre for ecological sciences (CES) at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc). I have a masters in Biodiversity and conservation and interested in bringing ecological science from the lab to land. I am a freelance writer who is always looking for opportunities to learn more and write better!

Hello everyone , i am shubham kalamkar from mumbai . i completed my bachelor’s degree with chemistry as my major and currently im persuing my masters in life sciences from Mumbai university. I am trying to explore life sciences in great details . i am also interested in science communication .i had written some scientific blogs and now im looking for opportunities to expand my knowledge ,develop some skills and share that with world. I would like to have some deep conversations on fundamental sciences and research. Do reach out to me if you have something interesting to share.


Hoping to have great interaction with you all.

Shubham kalamkar

I am Dr Aarti Chitkara, MD obstetrics and Gynaecology and would love to be a part of this wonderful science communication platform.

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