Questions about science writing? Ask them here…


Do you have any questions about science writing? About how to pitch your stories, how to create a compelling narrative, how to interview effectively, how to find story ideas or anything else that crosses your mind? Post them here, and others on the forum could answer them.

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Apart from IndiaBioscience, what are the other platforms in India which communicates research (in India and otherwise). Does anyone have experience writing for Nature India?


Research Matters springs to mind. Mongabay India covers a lot of environmental science and conservation related research, while the Life of Science carries out interviews with women scientists from all over India. I am sure there are more - and are mainstream news websites that cover a lot of science news.


Thanks Shreya for the suggestions!


Hello! My question is about outreach.
Creating science communication content is one part. But making sure it reaches the public which does not have access to Youtube or the likes is a tough yet an important part.
Please give us a suggestion about how to reach out to the public at large? We can surely target a farming community in one region, but how do we reach out to a larger number of farmers? Similarly, what about business people, vendors, etc.
-iGEM IIT Madras


This is a really important question and I am looking forward to seeing suggestions from the community. I think, in this regard, what organizations like the Agastya Foundation are doing is worth nurturing and imitating.

Here is an interview with Dipyaman Ganguly of IICB, who raises similar concerns.



Are there some good graduate level courses in science communication in India?


The only one I know of is this -MTech in Science Communication run by the National Council of Science Museums. The Indian Science Communication Society (ISCOS) also runs a training course in science journalism, but I would advise against this one, as the information it provides is not very practical or up-to-date.