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Any past or current article about science that you are particularly proud of? Feel free to share it here.



I’m Rohini and this is my science fiction article in Science Reporter!


Sharing a blog I wrote about the use of right illustrations in teaching and communication.

@lakshmi might be of interest to you.


I am Mayur, PhD student at IIT Bombay.
I prepare this video to communicate my research work


I am Arghya. sharing my blog “Drawing History Of Science”, dedicated to tell the stories of history of science through picture essays, animation, cartoon and comics.
The Facebook page supports this blog:


I am sharing my latest article (an essay in pictures) from my blog.


These slides were shown in a comics workshop, part of an international conference on Science Fiction. The conference named " Workshops of Horrible Creation" has been organized by Department of English, Jadavpur University to celebrate the 200 years of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein. In the conference the slides were presented in comics format, telling the story about the first science fiction ever written-Somnium by Johannes Kepler.


Thanks for sharing your works Argha, I really love your visual style.


Thanks for your kind words.



I’m Rohini and here are the two pieces of science fiction that I’m writing as part of an ongoing series, ‘Fiction Friday’ in Research Matters! Do let me know what you guys think!


I recently made a video for ( This is my first video, so I wanted to share it! (

Although there is a technical glitch and the audio is not working. I have also uploaded an alternate version with the audio (

This video was a short intro to the main article (

Also, as this was my first video, I was confused as to which tool to use. I wrote to M R Raghul who is also in this forum and gave very useful suggestions. Thus, I want to highlight the importance of a forum like this which provides a very good ecosystem for aspiring science communicators to share experiences and receive guidance.


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Any past or current article about science that you are particularly proud of? Feel free to share it here.

United Brothers, the story of first scientific society in colonial India


Sharing a small piece where I discuss how sciart can be scicomm,

will await your feedback.


Nice article. When a person looks at an scientific image, they may think they are not qualified to interpret it. But as soon as you present the same image as an art form, it becomes open to your interpretation. So sci-art also makes science relatable to the masses in its own way.


Thanks for your point of view and feedback. Yes, scientific images tend to bring a sense of intmidation. Some work needed to change that outlook.


It’s almost a philosophical concept that what our ancestors experienced can influence our behavior. I’m thrilled to present my piece about a study which investigated this phenomenon in worms.
Would love any kind of feedback or suggestions!


Cool article @pratikmpawar, very much enjoyed reading it!


Hi all,
Sharing my latest article on the disappearing Arctic sea ice and its global implications. This is part one of a four-part series we are doing on the Arctic on our blog. Any feedback is most welcome!


This was a really interesting read! Looking forward to the next three parts in the series.


Thanks @Shreya! Next part coming soon! :slight_smile: